Self-Love Isn’t as Hard as You Think

Now I know this subject can generate lots of debate and negative feelings so I will tread lightly here.

I have struggled with self-love for most of my life.  It is a common struggle experienced by so many because of old messages that don’t belong to us.  We were unloved or told that we were unlovable, so loving ourselves became impossible.  This is false.  I became so convinced that I was incapable of loving myself that it became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

There are philosophies in the world that believe that we have everything we need within us.  Pause there and think about this for a minute.  We have everything we need within us.  This includes love for ourselves and others, self-respect, happiness and the ability to heal ourselves.  Now this may be hard to believe so I’m going to ask you to let me believe if for you until you know it for yourself.  I know this because of personal experience. What this means is that since we have everything we need already within us, then we already have the capacity to love ourselves, and that, amazingly, we already love ourselves even though we think we don’t.  So the thing that we think has eluded us for most of our lives has been possible all this time.  We just didn’t know it.

I remember reading about this idea as I was studying one of these philosophies.  It got stuck in my mind and I turned it over for days.  At the end of the week I listened to a guided meditation on self-love, in which we repeated to ourselves, “I love you, I love you, I love you.”  As I said this to myself, something shifted and I started to cry.  It was finally true.  I loved myself.

I know I’m asking a lot here.  Just let the idea sit in your mind.  You already have everything you need within you, including self-love.  How does this resonate?  What is true for you?  Grab your journal and work it out.  You’re worth it.