Mmm, sweet, delicious wild honey in a glass jar, sitting on a window sill in the sun.  You see how the light passes through the rich amber color and illuminates little bubbles in the honey, becoming little beads of light.  Dip a spoon into the jar and drizzle warm honey over a buttered biscuit.  Watched the way it melts, the way it runs easily, unencumbered, drips effortlessly, luxuriously, glistening in the light.  Doesn’t this sound lovely?

Now imagine you are lying on the floor in the sunlight, unencumbered.  Imagine your body melting like that, all the tension you carry, the worries, the burdens, the heaviness.  Is it possible for you to let that all melt into the floor, even just for a moment?  Whether it is or not, welcome to Warm Honey Wellness.

My vision is to bring inspiration to all humankind for self-care and wellness.  No matter your journey, no matter who you are, you deserve care.  When we care for ourselves we can care for each other. 

Start simple, start here.

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