One Tiny Little Thing

Happiness, what a daunting task!  You’re stressed with work life, home life, just getting out of bed every day.  We’ve all been there.  You may feel like happiness is an impossible goal.  Well, guess what, you’re already doing it, you just don’t realize it!

What is the one bright spot of your day?  Is it your morning cup of coffee?  An evening glass of wine?  The extra four minutes of just standing under the warm water when you’re in the shower?  One of mine is watching quick funny animal videos on Reddit.  What about that fresh orange you eat on your break?  Brushing your hair?  Climbing into bed knowing you survived another day and now your get to feel your soft sheets on your skin?  What about that Taylor Swift song you sing shamelessly in your car with all the windows up?  Mine is Shake It Off!  I could go on and on.  Maybe you have only one of these things or something else, but I know you have at least one!

Take that one tiny little event and celebrate it.  Savor it.  Fall in love with it.  Make sure it is the most important thing you do every day, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

Here’s where the magic happens: when you relish that one little thing every day, you will begin to notice other little things every day and it will begin to grow.  Over time, the acknowledgement and enjoyment of little things will help you to consciously incorporate other things into your day.  But remember, just start with one small that you already do!  Let that be your daily dose of happy, one tiny little thing at a time!